Tuesday, 17 January 2012

My experience.

Alright. We all have the same feelings. No matter who you are, where you're from you'll all have something in common, and that's going to be our feelings, everyone of us will have felt and been through the same feelings at least once in our lives. Sadness, happiness, jealousy... That kind of thing, however, some or most of us experience these in so many different ways, something that makes me happy could make you sad, and vice versa. But if you and I met, we can discuss how we felt during these times, when we watch a video with certain content, your feelings and my feelings would be similar, however, maybe how we came to feel this, will be different. Of course with all the people in the world, eventually, if we met everyone and got them to watch the same video, one or several or even more, would have their feelings triggered at the exact same time as me or you.

Perhaps one of my most vivid examples of this is my experience with the community of the show "My Little Pony", mainly, the well-known fan-fic to the older viewers (who call themselves 'bronies') the story of "My Little Dashie", a story about how one of the main six characters in the show gets transported into the real world, as a "philly" or younger/adolescent pony, (I won't spoil the ending, just in-case someone wants to read it). Most of the readers claimed to have felt extreme sadness and many posted that they had cried "from both joy and sorrow", I however, had a quite dissimilar experience. For those of you who've read it, you'll know what I'm talking about or perhaps disagree with me, for those of you who haven't, bare with me quickly. I felt, however the story was extremely cliche, and the ending was extremely predictable. The post itself is around 12000 words, and into the first quarter, i had felt i knew what was going to happen, and quite frankly my exact thoughts were brought to words. I hadn't been surprised, this wasn't the first time the ending to a good story i was actually interested in had been ruined However, this time, I hadn't realized, ironically, i ruined it for myself. Long story short, I didn't feel enough emotions for me to cry. The story, had given me goosebumps because the language features he used in it were extremely well placed and the image and setting was literally nailed to your head the whole time. My friend, on the other hand, he had said "couldn't stand it" and that he "didn't like it" I was rather surprised to the fact that he showed no interest at all to the fan-fic, even though he was a bigger fan of MLP than I actually was.

However, my friend and I were probably the minority whom felt not as much sorrow as the many others, there definitely will be others, some maybe merely interested in reading a recommended "fic" from their friends, whom felt nothing as they have not seen the show, or "bigger" fans which maybe thought the same as me. The fan-fic itself received over four stars out of five so i doubt many would have felt the same.

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