Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Story of (my) art

Everyone loves drawing, there's pretty much no exception, you would've drawn when you were young to pass the time, or perhaps now, for a profession, or as a hobby. Either way, drawing would of been a part of your life...For me, art played a part in my life, from a young age I was sent to art class, i could draw rather well, if i ever had free time id do it, my art had been in some children's galleries as well as in the newspapers. Now, however, the last time i drew was probably two or three months ago...So, why? Why was it as when i was a child, i had continued to draw almost every single day, yet now, things are quite the opposite. I've realized that every time I've drawn, i had been either watching or reading something. At first i had assumed "inspiration! Exactly what i need!" It had explained everything, when i was reading, I felt the image burned into my head, character development, the setting, expression, emotion, perfectly molded into place, all i needed to do is place it down on paper. But i couldn't, i simply couldn't. Perhaps i was scared of failure? Perhaps i had set my expectations too high? Or maybe I decided that it should stayed where it belonged, away from this form of art. Most people would think me weird and strange to what I feel and my opinion, when one of us reads a book, most of the descriptions are usually different in each others heads. I don't see the need to express this on paper and show everyone what my vision really is. Perhaps its just a phase for me. I don't know, but you must know, every-time i try, I cant. One second its pictured perfectly, next second. It's gone. It's almost impossible unless i start at a dot at a time. I really wish i could change this, expressing my feelings through art is possibly the main way, and easiest way i present my ideas to others. I don't know if any artists reading this have gone through his phase (most likely not, seems so strange and unique to me). I sometimes think its just other distractions, if i really tried, i guess i could be able to draw.

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