Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Sorry for the lack of posts, been busy with some college work, helping out newcomers as well as teachers.

Anyway, managed to embarrass myself today. Since I've been helping out during the last two days, my teacher required me to write a letter for testimonials at the end of the year. She was planning to ask the class to write the letter today, but because I wasn't available, she asked me to write one last night. Unfortunately, nothing good came to my mind and I soon realized i was going on about absolutely nothing, and everything i was writing had begun to sound cheesy, like "strive for the utmost excellence.." etc,etc. To top it all off, I only wrote about 400 (slightly off, if i can recall correctly it was around 380), anyway, at the time I thought nothing of it and in fact, thought it was appropriate. Unfortunately, the next morning I handed it to her, and then realized everything i had wrote was wrong, and was very poorly written. Apparently, i had misheard, and I wrote about the wrong topic, not only that, i even went off topic from the topic i had heard... so it ended up being completely irrelevant, the structure was also extremely poorly done, no paragraphing no letter structure visible, not only that, she expected around six paragraphs (which she had said to me "I was expecting the class to write six paragraphs". Worst of all though, she has a tendency to read out work to the class... and if anything, my letter was read out, I think i would die of embarrassment, however, I'm quite self conscious and seeking too much attention isn't my thing.

The smartest thing to do is probably write another one... but really, I just want to leave it and not think about it for a little while.
So, anything shameful/embarrassing happen to you guys lately? What do you think I should do?

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