Sunday, 29 January 2012


Money, makes the world go around. Everyone knows this, it's hard to imagine a world without money since we all live in a world which possibly the most important material item to most people is of course, money. Everyone needs it, not many can survive without it. We (most of us) go to work in the morning whether we like it or not, with the intention to make a living and put food on the table. Once we have enough, we'll aim for something higher, something bigger, like our very own house or car, then further even further, something luxurious, like a yacht or a beach house. Because money is a necessity of life, we all need to value it, and put it as a top priority. However, there comes a time to think of it lightly, and be happy with what you have, admittedly, it's easier said than done. But there comes an obvious limit to when one should stop, like if it ruins a family, a friendship, someone's life.

One of the examples I have when I think of greed dates back a while ago. Our family has our "own" restaurant, not in the sense that we own it, but in the sense that when we go out for dinner or lunch, 90% of the time, that's the place we go to. My father had been friends with the owner (Keeping in mind he owned several restaurants and was quite wealthy) for several years and if my father has any business which requires dinner, he would always bring clients to the restaurant for dinner as well, so they weren't just friends, but business partners in a way too. When they had things going, my father realized he had started getting greedy, for example, for several occasions, we had bought wine from them, he had blatantly lied about how many we had bought, once we counted 9 and he said 11, at the end after pressuring him, he had said "oh, sorry, must have accidentally counted some bottles from other tables." After this incident, my father for the next event dropped of a crate of wine that we bought at the restaurant hours before the dinner started. Once it had begun, my dad realized the wine on the table wasn't the ones he bought, and figured out he had swapped them for a cheaper brand. A few more similar occurrences happened after this and his greed ultimately destroyed their friendship.

Things like this really make me stop to think, what is the point? If you have enough for a living and to buy luxuries once in a while, be happy. When we all die, the money we've saved and things we've spent on would have all gone.


  1. oh that sounds terrible :x greed is a bad thing.
    your father is a good man it seems like though

  2. Nice post, mate. I hate greedy people.

  3. All you really need in life is couple of true friends. As for the greedy bastards, kick their asses!