Friday, 20 January 2012


All right. You all know what i mean. When i say "arrogance" the first thing that comes to your mind is either someone you know, or someone everyone knows with an ego so large the word arrogance is not big enough to describe it. Do they make you angry? Are they tolerated by their peers? What do you feel when you talk to them? Most of us can answer these questions and usually the reply is considerably similar. Most of us cant stand arrogant people, and really, who does? I'm presuming that arrogance and arrogance doesn't go too well together either, in fact, it's probably more of a disaster than if they talked to others.

Unfortunately, I had to deal with an extremely arrogant person in my life, and it was a rather eye-opening experience. It was all during two years in High school (college), the most arrogant person I had ever met in my life, was also my very close friend. When we first met, he seemed a modest and genuinely nice person, however, a year later, his personality totally changed, the way he acted, the way he talked, and most importantly, what he thought about himself and others. I don't know why, but he appeared to argue at every single possible chance that presented itself to him. If he had felt i was doing something wrong or he didn't approve/wasn't the way that he'd do it, "Tim", would condemn and show his disapproval. At first, it was primarily trivial matters which he'd quarrel with me about, and then it changed. To me, it was obvious he needed to feed his arrogance and the only way to do so, was of course, expand his knowledge to find a more common subject which is easily subjected to. That was religion. I know religion is a touchy subject, but I really didn't see the need for him to argue with everyone and everything. He took the atheist route and slander and insult all religions which cross him in conversations. ( As a side note, I have nothing against atheists, and well, I have no idea how most atheists act. In this case, this is NOT an attack on atheists, as i tend not to judge a group of people by one person). Eventually, he managed to destroy our friendship, after an argument or two, he'd come back the next day, thinking everything was fine, and then if even a little bit of religion was brought up, for instance, one time i said when i had described an unfortunate situation, i had said "dammit, god hates me haha". He then continued to disprove everything i said for the rest of the day.

I wonder, how arrogant are the most arrogant of people you've had to deal with? Is this merely a small fraction of what they really are? Why do people go out of their way to make themselves an annoyance to others? It's just human nature i guess. But most people need to change for the better.


  1. Wow, nice post. Really, I mean it.
    Psychological studies say that arrogance is a subconscious defense mechanism and arrogant people are those who have failed to get respect from peeps who are important to them, so they want to get it by force from people who are less important to them.
    Anyways, great blog. Following!